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I know we all have our favorite places online, some blogs, an amazing forum, a “pirate” site with the latest (and oldest) links for shows and movies or just a website on one of our favorite subjects, hobby or passion.

Well, we have also all seen how either a blog we get updates or feeds from or even one we occasionally check in on has the first page starting with the usual “I know i haven’t written in a long time” and of course, you see i’m unfortunately no different from that HOWEVER, as you see, i didn’t start out that way, ha!  I would like to apologise but again, that’s what’s expected and everyone else does and (while i am sorry) i will just say: refer to the first sentence. That’s what has caused my absence and what I have been doing all this time instead of posting. Just kidding. I really have been busy I’m just sure yall are tired of hearing that from the other blogs you’ve read and i feel bad for still saying it. I’m almost positive i said it a few posts ago which may have been a year ago, i hope not!

TO PROCEED on the subject of my post: I found an amazing book online that seriously fills a void in me i had since a child wondering about the past and those great Prophets from the Bible almost everyone knew about and WHERE they lived and came from. As a smart child, i knew all History we learned and were taught could not be 100% accurate with many holes, gaps and theories so these events, dates and people that interested me were still so mysterious because of so many unanswered questions i had.  Where did they live? How do we know? When did they live? Why did certain events happen? What kind of people were they?

Of course, in relation to mankind and its intentions and actions and much of ancient History most of my questions were answered when at age twenty, i read the Quran but that was later, almost the culmination of my quest of unanswered questions from childhood. Between age ten and twenty-five more questions I had in my mind about History were answered by my Dad, other adults, my elders, and reading about it myself than any school I attended. The questions I had about History and the past were resolved by living, learning  and talking to people and gave me more satisfaction than any high school or college class.
I have always wanted to read or learn about History in chronological order, as it happened.  To me, it just made sense.  Even as a child, I always wanted to learn about History from a  balanced, unbiased perspective. I doubted America, the domination of the world who sets the tone for the globe and spends years teaching its students our mere 200+ years of History when compared to global History is less than 5% on the timeline, would teach me History fairly.  When even in this “modern” time of freedom and civil and racial “equality” some states are trying to remove American slavery from the History textbooks? Even when I was eight I knew our textbooks were not fair and glorified our way of life and “freedom and democracy” as the only way of life and superior to all other cultures.
It also bothered me that even when delving into learning about other countries, religions and cultures I had no idea what was going on in other parts of the world at the same time. I had no idea what was going on in China when Columbus supposedly discovered America. Or what was going on in Turkey, Russia or even South America when the light bulb was invented. There was no cohesion, no connection, no real comprehension when i didn’t study History chronologically and look at what the people in all different parts of the globe were all doing at the same time period.
I have always wanted to learn History from the beginning, in order, and develop a thorough understanding. I did find someone who accomplished close to this and it’s not translated to English yet and i will come back to that later when i edit the post. Originally I wanted to make a quick post on this book as I have been putting it off, but you see how i got off in a tangent.

TO PROCEED: (boy it would’ve been easier to scan down to THIS one, lol) The book is called “Atlas of the Quran” recently published in English. It has no other counterpart in English that I know of, and I’ve read as well is in a class by itself. Here is a statement from the publishers about it: ”  An Authentic Collection of the Qur’anic Information with Maps, Tables and Pictures. This Atlas is new in its subject, a subject that has not been touched before. It helps whoever recites the Quran or studies it to specify the locations mentioned by the Noble Verses, and to mark those places of ancient people mentioned in the Qur’an. This is besides locating areas where the incidents of the prophetic Seerah occurred”  Dar-us-Salam publications.  Ok, that’s a little drier than i remember it. I guess I was really excited when I found it. I was even happier when i did a search and found it in a few places online, available to read or download. Here is one place : http://www.kalamullah.com/atlas-of-the-quran.html  i think i also saw it on Wiziq as well as scribd.

AND last week i also found out all this time i have been saying wiziq when it is pronounced WIZ I.Q.  quite embarrassing when a sister pointed that out, especially when you actually look at the name icon it’s obvious. I almost blurted out my own “IQ” to prove i had all my lightbulbs on upstairs.  Who even SAYS that anymore? Oh, yeah just another reminder that i’m getting old and sounding more and more like my father everyday,,,”I remember when a McDonald’s hamburger was five cents…” lol

So, there you go, there’s the link. It is an amazing book, check it out. I hate spending money in fact, i always thought it was a virtue but discovered, no saving money and THINGS is actually closer to an obsession and part of my OCD. I didn’t learn about that either till a sister gently pointed out I look it up online and myLord, I see a picture of someone’s bookcase with OCD and the books were all symmetrical with the tallest on the sides down to the shortest in the middle and arranged by subject. I thought everyone did that it just looks better. I never considered OCD because im not a clean freak or germaphobic and not always clean because i’m thrifty…..i save things. Well, i realized i WOULD be into perfection and have an orderly, spotless house if i didn’t have KIDS and i was messy not spotless because i am a ….hoarder. uhg, i said it. I guess the positive thing about it, having OCD, i am an organized hoarder. I always called my dad a “packrat” and everyone did also wow, ding! After seeing that A&E show i realized, no he was a hoarder.

Growing up, we always had many books and magazines (don’t get me started on my dad’s mags). I have never thrown any book out and the only ones I no longer have were loaned out or lost. So i have over a hundred books al hamdulilah, organized and straight. Wait, lemme go check…
I forgot about the ones strewn about the house we’re currently reading or referencing.  I have been getting a lot of cheap(or free) bookmarks lately because i find myself and kids using many books at once and don’t wanna continue the spread eagle way of laying them down to mark the place. What does everyone else use? Sometimes I leave a pencil laying inside to mark my place because its handy usually i have it to lightly mark a word I want to look up or important point. Of course, i lose my place as soon as DH or DD needs a pencil and can’t find one. I yell, “Go look in my book laying on my bathroom counter!” lol

Soo  a bit embarrassing mentioning my ….interesting quirks but i don’t feel too bad or worried because I know im not crazy. You know Ellen? Ellen DeGeneres? I don’t agree with her on everything (of course) but she writes books exactly the way she talks. And, having read a couple of her books I see I write and seem to have the same thought process/tangent thinking she does. Perhaps she spends hours on her standup or dialogue for her show and days writing her books, i dunno. Gosh, now i was convinced if my thought process was like Ellen’s and SHES not crazy that i shouldnt worry if anyone thinks I AM. Boy, i just blew that. If she spends hours preparing her funny, witty, diagram like spealls then it’s not in the moment and i am NOT like her…who is normal, not crazy. lol. 

From what i just said I seriously need to go back to that beginning course in Logic book. It’s not that Logic thrills me, thou i feel it has a place in Classical Education and learning comprehensive, rational thought but i was, what i call, de-shirking the manual, making it safe and friendly for my kids:) I need to go back and finish it. I am speaking of “Introductory Logic” by Douglas J. Wilson & James B. Nance, texbook and answer key. The pencil is gone now so if i can only find my place…


P.S. I forgot to say i was so impressed with the book and purely fascinated by its scope I bought it. Getting it in the mail for my kids and i was like getting a present, how awesome they love that not ‘real’ presents.

Anyway, I have been supplementing Atlas of the Quran and Ibn Kathir’s The Prophets with the state of Georgia’s k12 History course.  It substitutes and compliments it wonderfully and we are to Prophet Sulaiman now. The k12 History curriculum starts off with ‘beginning’ man and the Fertile Crescent, Babylon, Sumeria and Egypt and tells the some of the stories of the Biblical prophets as well. So far, it is NEARLY chronological and where in conflict, i made adjustments. I am pleasantly surprised how well  The Atlas of the Quran works with Ibn Kathir’s the Prophets. I will write more later on the specifics of how I taught DS History, moved things around and what was supplemented or substituted, inshaAllah. He is really enjoying the online History and the time we as a family, learn the Prophets and people in Ancient History. Lately, we play a game who can recall and list the Prophets alahi salam in order and DS is actually winning over DD and I. Yes, i may be teaching it, but I grew up reading the Bible, some of the Quranic Prophets are not in the Bible. Allah subhanna wa ta’ala says in his book that He sent a Prophet to every nation. We don’t know about them all. Does anyone know about how many? Someone told me once it’s like one hundred thousand?
Of course they all came with the same message: Allah is One, and without partner. Tawheed. La ilaha il’Allah . And the final messenger, the seal of all Prophets, Muhammad, salla lahu alahi wa salam. There is no God worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

In chapter eighteen, verse one hundred ten of the Qur’aan:

“Say (O Muhammad ): I am only a man like you, it has been inspired to me that your Ilah (God) is One Ilah (God, –i.e. Allah). So whoever hopes for the meeting with his Lord, let him work righteousness and associate none as a partner in the worship of his Lord.”

The Messenger has believed in what was revealed to him from his Lord, and [so have] the believers. All of them have believed in Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers, [saying], “We make no distinction between any of His messengers.” And they say,
“We hear and we obey. [We seek] Your forgiveness, our Lord, and to You is the [final] destination.” (2: 285)

Say, ‘We have believed in Allah and in what was revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Descendants, and in what was given to Moses and Jesus and to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are muslims [submitting] to Him.’ ” (3: 84)


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As I said before, we are waiting for ds’s (dear son) k12 curriculum and in the meantime I started First Language Lessons, continued arithmetic and began the Ancients with him.

He grew bored soon with the first couple FLL lessons but i’m glad he did quickly memorize the definition of a noun. For some of the memorization exercises where the child memorizes a poem from FLL, i replaced some with poems with Islamic themes from children’s Islamic books or online http://www.islam4kids.com/i4k/i4k.cfm?scn=ss&ID=4 Also, the focus is on narration and when the child is better able to write, copying and dictation.

For narration, passages or stories are read to the child and they relate the story back in their own words. There are many choices and ways homeschoolers have done this such as: reading popular children’s books to the child, stories from the Bible, Islamic children’s books, passages from the Quran, folktales and cultural stories from various countries. To read these books in order historically or according to what is being taught at the time would follow the classical method and prevents confusion in the mind of the child in regards to the timeline of history when cultures flourished and important events or discoveries occurred. Especially for a young children, it doesn’t make sense to read a book to them about Ben Franklin or Abraham Lincoln while covering ancient Egypt. However, reading popular books like Blueberries for Sam orI’ll love you forever would probably not confuse the child. Use your best judgment when choosing which books to read to your child or for practicing narration, copying or dictation. Keep in mind what is important to you for your child to learn and the goals for your child’s education.

There are many children’s books you can check out from the library, download, or even read many fables and short stories online. The Gutenberg Project has many free books online. Here is the children’s shelf link with non-fiction, history, literature and fairy tales: http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Category:Children%27s_Bookshelf Your local library usually has an online feature where books and other media such as audio books can be downloaded.

A site with many Islamic short stories with moral theme you can read to your child and have them narrate back http://www.islamcan.com/increaseiman/index.shtml

For phonics and reading I practiced the words he doesn’t automatically know or has a hard time with from a printed list of the most common words in the English language. These are considered sight words because they usually cannot be sounded out; such as have, said, and she. In the past, i also used Alphaphonics with him. Last week he was reading from Word Mastery an old phonics book by Florence Akin and can be downloaded from google or here: http://donpotter.net/PDF/Word%20Mastery%20-%20Typed.pdf

For the Ancients and History I am not just starting from the beginning but am reading to ds books or passages from that period. I started with the creation of the universe and i visited a few sites, compiled information to narrate to him and had ds look up ayaat from the Quran about the creation of the universe. I then realized he may have over 20 ayaat memorized at a time of surahs from Juz amma but he does not know how to look up a verse from the Quran in English! So i showed him how to do that. We read several verses which I will list here:

“Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before We clove them asunder, and We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?” (The Qur’an, 21:30)

“It is He Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. They swim along, each in an orbit. ” (21:33)

“And it is We who have constructed the heaven with might, and verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it.” (51:47)

“Who created the heavens and earth and all that is between them in six days, then He Istawa (rose over) His throne (in a manner that suits his majesty) (25:59)

“By Heaven with its cyclical systems.” (86:11)

Also, Surah 21, ayat 32, 7:54, 51:7, 2:29, 41:11. InshaAllah i am going to have ds memorize and understand the ayat 7:54 in Arabic.

 Sites i visited and related simple information in relation to creation and what Allah says in his book:http://www.creationofuniverse.com/index.html, and  http://ahmed-rouas.blogspot.com/.  Another more detailed site with ayaat about creation, the universe, the earth, the water cycle, etc http://meccanprinters.blogspot.com/

And a well published full color booklet with all the science in the Quran from the development of the embryo to the universe is http://www.islam-guide.com/   A MUST SEE ESPECIALLY FOR NON MUSLIMS

Next week we will review more in depth of the creation of Adam and beautiful hadeeth and other narrations compiled by Ibn Kathir in The Prophets:

“He created man (Adam) from sounding clay like the clay of pottery.” (Quran chapter 55, verse 14).

>Abi Musa al Sha’arai narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Allah created Adam from a handful of dust taken from different lands, so the children of Adam have been created according to the composition of the land. Therefore from mankind we have white, red, black and yellow ones; we have good and evil, ease and sorrow, and what comes in between them.” (Sahih al Bukhari).

>Ibn Masud and other companions of the Prophet (PBUH) said that Allah the Almighty sent the angel Gabriel onto the earth to get Him clay therefrom. The earth said: “I seek refuge in Allah from your decreasing my quantity or disfiguring me.” So Gabriel returned and did not take anything. He said: “My Lord, the land sought refuge in You and it granted.” So Allah sent the angel Michael for the same purpose, and the land sought refuge with Allah and it was granted. So he went back and said to Allah what Gabriel has said before him. Then Allah sent the Angel of Death, and the land sought refuge in Allah, the angel said: “I also seek refuge with Allah from returning without carrying out His command.” So he took clay from the face of the earth and mixed it. He did not take from one particular place, but rather he took white, red, and black clay from different places.

History and Science in relation to Islamic education

Muslims follow the Quran and Sunnah and all things relate and can be related to the book given to mankind and the recorded books of hadeeth which can now even be found on the web. With an older child, subjects, especially Science can be approached with a common sense attitude and then we can show the evidence in the Quran and Sunnah. For instance, common arguments about creation by a God have been used with atheists and many such proofs can be taught to the older student:

1. Discoveries in astronomy have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that the universe did in fact, have a beginning. There was a single moment of creation, disproving the earlier Scientific statement (theory) saying there was no beginning and there is no end to the Universe and it has always been here.

2. Biochemists and mathematicians have calculated the odds against life arising from non-life naturally by unintelligent processes and the odds were astronomical. With more recent discoveries scientists are no longer confident  life could have evolved naturally via unintelligent processes. If life did not arise by chance, how did it begin?

3. The universe and our Earth is ordered by natural laws, such as Physics. Where did these laws come from?

 Getting back to teaching the parrot years or grammar stage, the first verses I quoted from above about the creation of the universe uses phrases like, “clove asunder” which is advanced vocabulary. It also depends on what translation you use, some are written in plain English, some more old English and much higher reading level closer to the Arabic meaning because Arabic is so deep and there can be no true, direct translation. So I either explain those to my six-year-old son or use an easier word on his level to replace words or phrases I know he doesn’t understand.

When i started the Ancients with dd, i had her copy ayaat from the Quran about creation, the creation of Adam, then on to Adam and Eve and on with the Prophets, in order. I wanted to do a timeline but we never got around to that with her but i have the rolled paper ready for ds!

These are some helpful sites i used for the Prophets, they can be read to the child or the child can read them. I prefer Ibn Kathir’s The Prophets which is quite extensive and requires editing to narrate to the child but there are many books or stories online with simple stories of the Prophets. Here are some i used:  http://www.islamicity.org/KidsCorner/story/adam/adam1.htm   to read to the child the story of Adam   http://prophetsofallah.tripod.com/prophets/index.html (with timeline, lesson plan and questions) http://www.angelfire.com/on/ummiby1/ and you can download the in-depth, comprehensive The Prophets by Ibn Kathir here:  http://kalamullah.com/ibn-kathir.html or as i said before from:http://muslimkids.multiply.com/

http://www.muslimkidz.com/ Here goto stories and you can read out loud the story of Adam. This site is colorful and also has many neat games, basic islamic information and learning Arabic.

There are also many yahoo groups of sisters who homeschool. One with stories of the prophets and ready-made lessons is :  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/islamforchildren/ under the file section, may Allah reward the sisters who worked hard to make these and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/muslimhsers/ And of course, a group for Muslims that use the Well Trained Mind : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IslamicWTM/

There are endless resources on the internet and i have some saved on disk and on the All You Need tab. Here are a few I used or plan on using for dd, in the logic stage (5th-8th): http://islamicunitstudies.wordpress.com/category/history/

For World History, some American, Geography, the Prophets, Companions and Caliphs : http://www.freewebs.com/ikhlashomeschool/socialstudieshistorygeog.htm In general, this is an excellent site with many, many links and resources, just click on home or use the sidebar 😀

Awesome new interactive site of the Prophetic timeline: http://www.prophetictimeline.com/

For History and Science in relation to inventions and discoveries, as the Classical Method is about teaching sequentially in order, this is an amazing site for parents and teachers: http://www.1001inventions.com/media/teachers-pack

Youtube has the BBC’s documentaries of Islamic civilization, over an hour long. Europe:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0IaCK-7z5o and Islamic Spain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CE-F2tybkDQ&playnext=1&list=PL966822DD792F0955

So, again these are a few resources for the older child, even up to high school. Many are fascinating even to adults, like me 😀

Thank God there has been a campaign these last years showing all the Muslims and Arab contributions to Math and Science, it was never taught in my time and almost non-existent in schools for decades, if not a century. Muslim civilization was progressing and far advanced in a time of discovery when Europe was in the “Dark Ages”

This next week I will start Cain and Abel as well as Prophet Seth, Adam’s son and after that unto the next Prophets until we get to the “first civilization” Mesopotamia, Sumeria and Egypt. Then i have children’s library books on Homer’s the Odyssey and Iliad but I have to map out the timeline and make sure I cover things fairly in order 😉 A; hamdulilah my prior central library had a book cellar where they sold children’s books for .50 cents each! I had gone and stocked up on folktales from all lands, so i have enough for the History Ancients till Medieval time period.

InshaAllah i will post my progress, new links, recommended books and I hope to add pictures soon. Since i moved and my cell changed numbers, i haven’t been able to get the photos and videos to send.

~Peace and blessings to the rightly guided and I hope this finds you in the best of faith/high spirits and health.

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Our two days: Our History studies breakthrough and a neat article we found disproving modern man came from neanderthal.







 We used this link with its great explanatory pictures to continue what we started last night. I have a lesson plan but now I want to paln out the next month and beyond so we can “catch up” with the grade level in the Well Trained Mind. I wont be doing Science exactly the way it is broken up grades 1 through 4 more later on that. We have been doing science these last two weeks, after getting started with Langage Arts and assessing and reviewing her Math skills. More detail later about Science and more lessons from First Language Lessons and our take on it.
I am kindof dizzy but I wanted to post this please check back becuase I will add more of what we used for History with pics and links, inshaAllah. First, am intent on teaching Sakina from creation to the prehistoric days, including the prophets when about they were known by date, and in order! All this till I get to first civilizations in Iraq, Egypt, and India to the Ancients, Rome and whatnot.
So the biggest breakthrough was I found a great site where you can download or view online The Prophets by Ibn Kathir. I already re-covered Adam and it was really good. I found a hadeeth I have been looking for I had heard somewhere and didnt know if it was just a story. It was about how Adam was created from different parts of the earth, hence our different colors. I didn’t know if it was a story or authentic hadeeth with a verifiable chain of narrators. It was a hadeeth! Here it is: Abi Musa al Sha’arai narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Allah created Adam from a handful of dust taken from different lands, so the children of Adam have been created according to the composition of the land. Therefore from mankind we have white, red, black and yellow ones; we have good and evil, ease and sorrow, and what comes in between them.” (Sahih al Bukhari).

So the link for The Prophets book is HYPERLINK http://muslimkids.multiply.com/journal/item/56     

And late last night I was looking at the history encyclopedia bought and had already started to use and found lots of lessons and activities to suppliment and blend together like those videos from scientific frontiers on PBS I posted before. I had an epiphany and of how to teach this whoe era best. I’ll get into it later when I feel better. Here’s another link we used to visualize prehistory and archeaology. HYPERLINK http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2008/09/green-sahara/hettwer-photography     http://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/  amazing videos and pics for kids

Neanderthals Didn’t Mate With Modern Humans, Study Says 

(note: after this article inshaAllah I will repost the verse in the Quran where it tells a group or tribes were turned into apes because of their extreme wickedness. Also only a group was here or there that explains the scientific evididence below in the article, that they had a small gene pool.)
August 12, 2008
Neanderthals and anatomically modern humans likely did not interbreed, according to a new DNA study.
The research further suggests that small population numbers helped do in our closest relatives.
Researchers sequenced the complete mitochondrial genome—genetic information passed down from mothers—of a 38,000-year-old Neanderthal thighbone found in a cave in Croatia. (Get the basics on genetics.)
The new sequence contains 16,565 DNA bases, or “letters,” representing 13 genes, making it the longest stretch of Neanderthal DNA ever examined.
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is easier to isolate from ancient bones than conventional or “nuclear” DNA—which is contained in cell nuclei—because there are many mitochondria per cell.
“Also, the mtDNA genome is much smaller than the nuclear genome,” said study author Richard Green of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Germany.
“That’s what let us finish this genome well before we finish the nuclear genome,” he said.
The new findings are detailed in the August 8 issue of the journal Cell.


A Small Population


The new analysis suggests the last common ancestor of modern humans (Homo sapiens) and Neanderthals lived between 800,000 and 520,000 years ago. This is consistent with previous work on shorter stretches of Neanderthal DNA.

Contrasted with modern humans, Neanderthals exhibited a greater number of letter substitutions due to mutations in their mitochondrial DNA, although they seem to have undergone fewer evolutionary changes overall.

The fact that so many mutations—some of which may have been harmful—persisted in the Neanderthal genome could indicate the species suffered from a limited gene pool. This might be because the Neanderthal population was smaller than that of Homo sapiens living in Europe at the time.

A small population size can “diminish the power of natural selection to remove slightly deleterious evolutionary changes,” Green said.

The researchers estimate the Neanderthal population living in Europe 38,000 years ago never reached more than 10,000 at any one time.

This could have been a factor in their demise, Green said.

Homo neanderthalis first appeared in Europe about 300,000 years ago but mysteriously vanished about 35,000 years ago, shortly after the arrival of modern humans—Homo sapiens—in Europe.

“If there were only a few, small bands of Neanderthals, barely hanging on, then any change to their way of life could have been enough to drive them to extinction,” Green said.

“One obvious change would have been the introduction of another large hominid—modern humans.”

Stepping Forward

Stephen Schuster, a molecular biologist at Pennsylvania State University, said the new study should silence a lot of theories about interbreeding between Neanderthals and modern humans.

The study shows that “at least for the maternal lineage, there are no traceable genetic markers that suggest admixture of Neanderthals and modern humans,” he said.

Schuster added that the researchers were exceptionally careful to isolate the Neanderthal DNA.

“Many more precautions were taken to ensure that no contamination with human DNA has flawed the analysis,” he said, noting that researchers sequenced each letter about 35 times to be sure of their work.

“This was the weak point of previous reports,” said Schuster, who was not involved with the study.

Thomas Gilbert, an ancient DNA expert at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark who also was not involved in the study, called the research a “step forward” and a taste of what might come when the Neanderthal nuclear DNA is finished.

The team’s argument that the Neanderthal population was small 38,000 years ago is speculative, Green said, but “it’s better than what we could have said before.”

Ayat from Quran coming soon, God willing.



We also found :http://prophetsofallah.tripod.com/prophets/id4.html

Timeline of the prophets perfect for what we are plannng for History. More detail on my recent lesson planning. Yesterday, I had Sakina copy the What is History? introduction in our book. It was two paragraphs. Then we filled it in her binder under Social Studies, not in “copying” under the writing section. I reorganized her binder last night, filed more schoolwork that had been completed, added new assignments and added the reading section. I needed that for the “memory work” subsection where we would keep the last three poems she has written down and memorized from or substituted from lessons in First Language Lessons, by Jessie Wise the same co-author of The Well Trained Mind.  Last night, I outlined this school year and History. I made more folders in my computer, divided our study of History into segments from an earlier date to a later. I came up with a total of seven but we’ll see how it plays out because a lot of the first and last prophets or notable people of war, advancement, religious or social change overlap with other important people or civilizations. I am definately going to start a timeline on the wall soon. For this purpose I had gotten “deli paper” a seven foot long, huge wide roll of paper from the “teacher store” but eventually it got crumpled, cut, torn and then obliterated when we moved across town! So far we have covered Creation, Adam, Cain and Abel from the Quran and then the first humans, making tools, archaeology and artifacts. http://prophetsofallah.tripod.com/prophets/id4.html   In addition to having her write a short beginning of the introduction to World History, she copied the term artifact and wrote a definition. We labeled the top “Pre History Terms and definitions” or something like that. I also wrote “excavate” and archaeology but let her take a break and write the definitions tomorrow. It will be filed under History. Even though in the History book we are following, I already checked out the book recommended in WTM which is meant for primary school use (1-5) and the first page had a diagram and explanation on digging. (As in excavation) Our book doesnt have that so that’s why we looked at videos online yesterday of exciting new discoveries being made recently all over the world in archaeology and spent time learning about how we know about the past. We have a lot of flint around here and she loves finding rocks and “crystals” and have been for a walk at the nearby stream and park so I plan on taking them again soon, inshaAllah so we can bring some rocks home and experience hands-on shaping and of course, the sparks! The funny thing is, nature walks behind our old wooded area apartment was very common and we always took interesting rocks or those I though were fossils. We actually moved them when we moved, too. I have always loved Earth Science and had a passion for different rocks and semi-prescious stones. Just the other day I told Sakina  got very excited when I told her I would take her to this hall in a building where they have hundreds of rocks lining up the walls and on display. She asked me where it was and I said here in the city, not far, explaining the amazing rocks and fossils were in a building at a big, famous university. I reminded her about before when I was teaching _____’s boys and that’s when I saw this neat, free place, when I went with my homeschooling group on a “class” for the kids. I told her all about it: the professor gave tested our knowledge, gave a speech, then the children asked questions and after we were allowed to bring rocks for the teacher to identify and view all the different minerals, crystlals, and all the different rocks in the hallway. When we used to take nature walks and collect rocks I used to tell her I was keeping some of them not because they were pretty, but I thought they belonged to something like an animal or other living thing or that it meant something like I found a tool or something. I could keep it and take her to that place I went and have the professor tell me what kind of rock it was, where it came from and if it was a fossil or some kind of artifact. I know she doesn;t remember that it was almost two years ago, so when I told her recently of taking her to the rock hall and her excitment and wonder over the idea I asked her didnt she remember and she told me no, with surety. I knew she never rembered me telling her about it. Anyway, I hope to take her soon and lug or box of rocks and gather some of the ones we even use around the house for decoration. If we have a true fossil or artifact that will really make learning about archaeology fun and interesting. She wasn’t really that inspired about the first humans lesson, tools and cave art until she saw videos online and saw perfectly preserved, fully clothed bodies dug up, studied and displayed that were over 1,000 to 3,000 years old. Collecting more rocks and flint, taking another walk and going to that science hall will really bring it together for her; make it fun and memorable. inshaAllah. 

Sakina did some other school things but I will post that later. Here is the History plan I wrote last night:    


This years Plan of study for History

  •   Using our History Book, make a timeline. Start with BC, segments of time and dates with appropraitte spaces. (BC is much longer) Fill in start and finish dates for eras, civilizations and dynasties we are covering. Use pencil until all areas around each finshed studying. Then fill in, using colors to visualize the timespan and understand the overlapping times; i.e. what’s going on in different parts of the world at the same time. (note2 self go on disk and groups and find those 2 printable timelines I liked)                                  
  •   In each segment/ page of our book, World History Encyclopedia read to Sakina and have her dictate back to me, or reread if she chooses to, write a summary of her own, illustrate the subject, then file in her binder. We will do this for each page/segment covered in the History book we are following. When finished, Sakina reads supplemetary books we already own. (yes I actually have most from dinosaurs to prehistory to creation and Iblis, to Abraham, then many story books on Roman and Greek mythology all even up till African Americans and the civil rights movement. I bought books from every major theme in history and folklore of all periods and cultures. So she can read them, but in ORDER along with History we are studying. I have many other supplimental ideas for each history segment, but I will list tthem once we go through it and prepare it by planning at another time. Also there are additional “enrichment” ideas I have and MANY recources available to me, audio visual, etc available to Sakina is she is particulary interested in something we are covering. ( I either alread has a lot of these book having collected them over time or from the last fewe years of homeschooling groups and teaching my friend;s kids and homeschooling them as well as bookstores, used bookstores, thrift stores, and the library bookstore where all childrens hardcover storybooks and non fiction are 50 cents al hamdulilah. So yes, I actually have everything she needs. If there is a movie not too vulgar of that period we are studying I will watch that with her too.inshaAllah
  • Upload asmuch as I can to my blog, pictures, activities, also documents scanned that either she or I did. Photograph all projects so they dont pile up, then throw them away within a couple weeks, depending on my child’s pride of it or attatchment! Document and photograph main school binder, books and schoolwork. Ok well I don;t have to photograph her schoolwork! I keep everything anyway. I rarely throw anything out.
  • Continue ORGANIZING and throw some stuff out! Need to make more shelving or hanging bins for school stuff, materials, kid bins, and teacher planning.

 ok, thats it for now, whew! been bloggin half the day and night! P.S. I have to reset the time somehow on this page it’s complelty off. It says its 4:33 pm and its really 11:34 am. Maybe that’s a good thing, it’s off. Other ppl wont know I usually blog between 10 pm and 7 in the morning!






















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