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American Muslim woman >30 indie-hippie-nomad, German, Irish, Mexican & Cherokee. My life's passion is READING and learning. I'm also a crafter, henna artist, homeschooler, Licensed Massage Therapist, mother, wife, nature and animal lover, and wannabe homesteader, in no particular order! I grew up in the Texas hill country and became Muslim when i read the Quran at age 20. I am using k12 and the WTM to educate my children but lately we are much more like unschoolers. Interests: Natural living, homesteading, cooking, crafts, writing poetry, animal/human rights, homeschooling, health, History, the list is endless! To see my tie dye pagedown for link I also love making beautiful homemade blank books and yearn to make hemp clothes and want someday to sell on etsy inshAllah :)

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