This is just a short sample of a document I began a couple of years ago. I hope to add to this and complete copywork up to year four in sha Allah.
Since Writing With Ease daily lessons are broken up into narration, dictation, and copywork usually taking a mere 15 minutes to complete with the student, I should be able to complete just the copywork sentences within a few months by writing <15 minutes a day.
I do own a student workbook, (year three) which many have said you don’t have to buy if you have the Instructor text: The Complete Writer, Writing With Ease: Strong Fundamentals, which is a guide to design your own curriculum year one through four.

Below is an example how a parent can use the instructor book to write their own copywork. On amazon and on the publishing site as well I believe, you can view pages from the book which is useful in deciding which you will purchase or if you’ll want both. (I’m obsessive and thorough like that.) However if you buy the student workbooks, you will need all four but it’s all planned for you with a script, and excerpts for each lesson.

Writing with Ease, Year Two weeks 1-10

Copywork and Dictation ten to twelve words. Narration 3 to 4 paragraphs.

Action verbs, the pronoun I (capitalized).

Adam and Hawa ate from the forbidden tree in Paradise.
I do not drink alcohol because I am a Muslim.
Allah created the heaven and earth in six days, (yaum) equal to 50,000 years.


Linking Verbs

Habil was jealous of Qabil when his offering was not accepted.                                             There had been no murder committed on earth until then.
For the believers who worship Allah alone the promise will be paradise.

Commands and Questions

Prophet Idris was mentioned in the Quran but where was he from?

Produce your proof if you are truthful. Surah 2 ayat 111.
Think deeply about the wonders and creation of this universe. 3:191

Has not the news reached you of those who disbelieved aforetime? 64:5

Do you have no more sense than to indulge yourselves in vanity? 2:44

Do not say a word of disrespect to parents 17:23



And so on……..


Commas in Dates…..

 (Add your own using the directions in Writing with Ease Strong Fundamentals)



Commas in addresses



Commas in a series








I just wanted to post quickly a few learning options I am familiar with that have helped many with tajweed or learning foos-ha (classical Arabic such as Quran.) These classes are very flexible: offered online, through apps via phone, laptop or tablet, or even in person if you live in the area.

I will add to this post as I learn of more classes I’ve experienced or others I know have.

http://www.timbuktuedu.com/  Ustadh Abu Taubah formerly of Florida, relocated to North Carolina.

http://markazulbayaan.com/      Philadelphia, PA.


May Allah give us steadfastness in learning this beautiful deen and righteous children who will pray for us.


I normally don’t like to re-blog other work, but this article relieved some anxiety we weren’t covering enough in certain subjects, or our pacing wasn’t on schedule.
A refreshing, helpful read for anyone interested or following teaching the classical method!

When should you prioritize the rest of your life over schooling?

Source: Schedules (or When to Ignore The Well-Trained Mind) – Well-Trained Mind

Here are some links I found useful for learning Arabic or those we use regularly with the Madinah books from Madinah University. I will be adding to this post so check back.

https://www.madinaharabic.com/arabic_courses.html (for those who haven’t learned to read Arabic, it teaches the alphabet and sounds, but also has beginning language course.


(This has been one of my favorite blogs for homeschooling for years. The sister’s website has exhaustive links, lessons, and resources for homeschooling every subject. may Allah reward her.)

https://abdurrahman.org/arabic-learning/madina-arabic/  (All 3 books including English Key, side books and audio.

http://www.trinimuslims.com/learning-arabic/lessons-madina-arabic-3-books-by-g-m-el-shukri  (This has links for the AUDIO reading, translation and explanation to English for all three Madinah books. Sometimes the link doesn’t work, so I use the one below. However, it only covers book one:



https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHHCQMGIzlJtaKFzl7dzvuPdlAktclJUl (This brother teaches lessons based on Madinah book one, great for review or added practice)

Brother Asif Meherali teaches from Madinah book one.


http://www.arabicpod.net/ Conversational Arabic. (We used this years ago, more lessons were free but it has downloadable mp3 and iTunes, as well as pdf printable transcripts.)

Please feel free to add any links you find helpful for yourself or children in the comments.
JazakAllah khair.

Overview of Educational Plan for my son this year, age 12 grade six


                             I appreciate all my subscribers, jazakAllah khair!


To proceed:

  • Start day with fajr prayer, at it’s prescribed time. 
  • After breakfast, start school time with a dua and read a short passage of Quran. This can be something significant decided by mom or related to the lesson plan for the day in science or history.
  • Learning commences either after fajr or by 9:30 am. A detailed lesson plan will be written weekly every Saturday.

Islamic education basics:

  • Memorize three names/attributes of Allah with their meaning, per day.
  • Islamic Tahdib and Akhlaq, theory and practice by B. Aisha Lemu, one lesson per day, 5x a week.
  • Memorize a minimum of one surah from juz ‘amma per week.
  • Review and write Arabic vocabulary from Madina Book One, using the pdf. document on desktop. Minimum ten words per day or chapter or half-chapter per day.
  • Study new chapter in Madina Book Two every three days.
  • Add some sunnah salat daily, in addition to the obligatory fard.


Language Arts 

  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots  A
  • Exercises in English, grammar for life Level E   1 lesson per day 5x week


  • Handwriting without Tears– Cursive: 1 lesson per day, Monday-Thursday
  • Writing in Action k12 publisher. Finish Level C, then D. 3x week, Tues-Thurs
  • Writing with Ease workbook, level three. Lessons per week; 3: Tues, Thurs, Sunday ( I may use instead: Classical Academic Press, Writing and Rhetoric level 1 Fable)
  • Student will summarize designated page related to current study in history using our Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World . Until handwriting comes naturally, he will type a half page with Word and save document to writing file. M,W,F, Sunday.
  • Work on dictation and copywork. Consider notebooking once cursive is mastered.
  • Writing prompt given 3x a week, must write minimum of a half page (see prompts page for examples, above header on this site)

Reading and Literature

  • Read choice of general fiction or historical fiction based on current study. (We’ve 300+ books al hamdulilah)
  • Read Non-fiction, The Sealed Nectar
  • Begin reading Surahtul Kahf after Mahgreb Thursday or on Friday, finish by mahgreb.
  • Much reading will be completed through history assignments. Textbook is 7th grade level. Will also use Atlas of the Quran : Places, Nations and Landmarks and The Prophets by Ibn Kathir
  • Story of the World volume 1: Ancient Times


  • Master memorizing multiplication facts to 12
  • LCM and GCF
  • Memorize prime numbers to 100
  • Practice and drill till many prime factorizations are memorized
  • k12 Math 5: Student pages book for him, Teacher guide for me, no online lessons. 5x per week, off jummah (Friday) and Saturday
  • Once arithmetic concepts mastered, begin textbook Math 6 by k12, which introduces Algebra
  • Khan Academy practice
  • Mathematics unit from http://www.sciencelearningspace.com/study-units/



  • Science 5 k12 Student guide 4x a week, off jummah, Saturday and Monday
  • Supplement with Supercharged Science, 20 study units designed to cover 18 key scientific principles, 10 which must be mastered before college.
  • Requires some basic supplies and occasional trips to home depot for experiments.

I signed up for Aurora Lipper’s paid summer program years ago for his older sister and saved the amazing study units with experiments on my computer. Check out her youtube videos, simple experiments, very neat. Her method kindles interest by showing kids the experiment first, then explaining why it works, a lesson and several experiments on the topic. It can also be entirely self-taught by the student and doesn’t usually require parent teaching or supervision

  • YouTube science videos he likes plus Khan Academy


We will be covering World History about 4 lessons a week, 12 weeks this Spring, to be completed end of May; from The Earliest People to Christianity and the Fall of Rome.

We’ll take a break and begin Empires of the Ancient World in June ending with The Enlightenment in about 18 weeks.
The goal is to finish by September so we can start American History using Joy Hakim’s History of US in eleven volumes. Her writing is different, balanced and enjoyable. It does not ignore black history nor sugar-coat controversial past events, and teaches much information schools and typical textbooks leave out, sometimes disproving many common historical myths such as Columbus being the ‘first’ to discover North America.

  • A Message of Ancient Days textbook Houghton Mifflin Social Studies copyright 1999.
  • Across the Centuries textbook, same.

I’ve had these for years and chose them because of their balanced approach covering the world religions. Many have complained more pages are devoted to Islam than Christianity and some groups in a few states tried to have it banned from being used in public school. However, one positive review of these textbooks on Amazon from a Jewish student convinced me 🙂  I had bought the first (7th grade) when I found it at a used book store and the second (8th) after reading his review, I ordered it.

I teach History chronologically and incorporate the Prophets and their nations as best as I can from what I know of the timeline. The textbooks are supplemented with:

  • The Story of the World volume 1 by Susan Wise Bauer
  • The Prophets by Ibn Kathir
  • Atlas of the Quran, Places Nations and Landmarks
  • Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World

We have a huge deli paper roll I bought for writing a timeline along our hallway. May Allah allow us to complete this, ameen.

PE: health/fitness/nutrition

Ds has been taking martial arts classes for about four months with his Sensei, brother Shadid Lewis, twice a week. He’s a third-degree black belt and certified instructor in Ninjitsu. My son learns self defense, weapons training, ia, some wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.

Mainly, his father wanted our son’s ability to increase in self defense quickly, instead of having few skills until a year of say, Tae Kwon Do. I thought he needed classmates, competition and the older kids that were teaching him advanced moves when I enrolled him at a local dojo for a trial two weeks but Ds has really improved in a short time, with his personal instructor, maa sha Allah. So it worked and his father was right! Glad I listened.

Check out Shinobi Science at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi4jUll7qiJuGrwENQ5PEcg

We juice, try to eat healthy and I avoid artificial colors in foods for my son. We eat red meat once a week or less and have non meat meals like pasta and beans a few times a week and fish once or twice a week. Chicken is served twice a week usually and we mostly eat local zabiha meat from our halal store.

I’ve taught Ds about drugs, alcohol and puberty, answering his questions with a health textbook and teaching him hygiene, adaab(manners) and character through the sunnah of rasulullah, sallau lahu alahi wa salam.

I stopped vaccinations after his first round I had chosen to delay till he was six months old.

In closing about academics, there are many interesting books on logic, puzzles, games, math and science I have bought over the years. They’re too many to list now but I’ve got several favorites: very unique, particularly how a different perspective shows a new way of looking at the subject. Some books made me love a subject I once hated: Math. I will list them soon, in sha Allah. I have a physics one that made my daughter(then 13) interested, fascinated, then confident in physics!

Finally, these are my plans and goals for this school year until end summer. Perhaps we won’t complete it all or maybe we’ll end up doing something else! I will keep you updated.
May Allah keep me firm and patient.

I truly appreciate all my subscribers, jazakAllah khair!

May Allah guide you and I hope you are in the best of Imaan and health. Thanks for all your comments and questions and don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this post. I’m welcome to any questions on home schooling or our methods. I’m still learning on this journey!






Where do I start?

As ya’ll know, I dislike simply reblogging other’s material; however I wanted to ‘press’ this quickly, for benefit in Sha Allah. I will add a few notes later iA and update what we’re learning for Arabic, aqeedah and academics Al hamdulillah.

Those of you following will receive my updating notes automatically in your email or WordPress reader.

.: Ahlaam :.

As-salamu ‘alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh, 

There are so many brothers and sisters who want to persue the path of learning arabic but where to start always seems to be the obstacle. What books shall I use? Which institute is best? Can I teach myself? How long does it take to learn arabic? These questions are so vital yet it seems that there aren’t enough people to answer our questions and satisfy our thirst. There is so much information on arabic language that it has just reached a super overload. Everything is there yet nothing is there. Inshaa’Allaah, with this article I hope to shed some light on the various books you can use to start off your arabic studies. I will state the advantages and disadvantages and I hope by the end of it that you have some idea on what book will suit you. 
I will go through the books in no…

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